Your checking account statement

You receive a checking account statement every month. It is a report of all transactions that took place during the month. The transactions reported in the monthly statement include:

  • Checks you wrote that were cashed in that time period (Cashed means they actually arrived at your financial institution and the payment has been made from your account.)
  • Withdrawals or deposits made during the month
  • All fees paid during the month 

Expect the statement to contain:

  • Name and address of your financial institution
  • Range of dates covered by the statement
  • Your account number
  • Your name and address
  • Transactions:
    • Cashed checks by date
    • Deposits added to your account for the statement period
    • Fees charged, withdrawals, plus interest earned
    • Cashed checks by check number
  • Summary of account activity for the month.

If you discover an error on your account statement contact your financial institution to have it corrected. Be sure to report errors as soon as possible, and certainly within 60 days of the statement.

If you wish to close your checking account be sure that all the checks you have written have been cashed first.