How Can You Beat The Dealership?

I’m looking for a car, but I hate haggling over the price. What can I do to get the best deal?

  • Do your homework before you get to the lot. Narrow your choices down so you only need to take a few test drives. Find out the typical price for comparable vehicles if you’re buying used and look up rebates and incentives for new cars. The more you know, the lower the price you’ll pay.
  • Get financing before you go. The most effective “closers” at the dealership are usually in the finance office, where they’ll try to get a good chunk of your money on an interest rate that’s higher than you should pay. Your credit union can help you get started here.
  • Don’t forget your trade-in. Find out how much people are paying for vehicles that are comparable to yours so you know how much to expect. Plus, you can always sell your trade-in on your own if you find a good deal.